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Choosing a Lab Testing Company

Using an FDA-registered testing lab is critical when testing the safety and efficacy of topical products. Burgeoning businesses just getting started with claims substantiation and testing may not know where to turn for these services. Working with an FDA-registered...read more

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Anti – Aging Testing

Aging is a natural phenomenon, but its effects on appearance are often not welcomed. Society’s focus on maintaining a youthful appearance has led to the creation of copious amounts of anti-aging products, all of which make claims that must...read more

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Supporting Marketing Claims With Claims Validation

Today’s competitive business landscape is full of companies constantly striving to stand out from the crowd. Marketing claims is one of the many strategies companies use to differentiate their products from those that may be similar, but key to...read more

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Support Anti-Dandruff Claims With Expert Visual Grading and High Resolution Imaging

When it comes to dandruff, individuals affected by the common scalp condition seek solutions to alleviate the symptoms of dryness, itching, and flaking. With an array of anti-dandruff products available on the market, it is difficult for consumers to...read more

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Dermatologist Tested: What Does It Mean?

Seeing the term “dermatologist tested” on a skincare product can add credibility to both the product and the company. This marketing tactic is regularly used by many skincare and health & wellness brands to enhance a product’s reputation and...read more