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Before and After Photography

Clinically Validated, High Resolution Before and After Images and Analysis Over Time

Validated Claim Support offers cutting-edge, high-resolution photography to help document product efficacy over a given treatment timeline or product usage cycle.

Our techniques have been honed over 16 years providing the highest level of service to sponsors around the world.

Validated is proud to provide the most highly regarded and reproducible panelist capture available on the market today.  If your product works, we’ll help you prove it.

Imitation is flattering, but don’t trust your market-leading products with anything less than the best clinical photography in the industry.

Canfield Visia CR Gen 4, Canfield Visia CR Gen 5, High Resolution Imaging

We offer imaging using either Canfield VISIA CR capture technology or our proprietary Validated Clinical Photography.

Both of these methods can be utilized to include photographic analysis which will demonstrate improvement from the baseline. We have 3 completely customized studios onsite, and we can shoot a variety of unique underlying lighting conditions including fully polarized, standard, high intensity, UV, cross-polarized, and a variety of closeup/macro scenarios as well.

Validated Photography provides the ability to capture clinical images not just on the face but in a multitude of other treatment areas around the body as well.

Key Attributes of Validated Clinical Photography

  • High Resolution, Marketing Ready Images
  • Custom In House Clinical Analysis
  • Face, Body, and Product Shots
  • Reproducible at 50 Megapixels
  • Glamour + Clinical Options Available

Pilot Study Photography and Subsets

Our photographic techniques can be applied at the small-scale level on as few as a handful of subjects.  If your product genuinely works, we can help you build a custom-tailed marketing package that rivals what the big multinational companies have.

You can bring the efficacy of your product to the forefront of your promotional materials via direct sales and boost your revenue and product exposure through customized sliding before and after images.

Almost all the images on our website were shot in-house, and we can work with you to develop a completely tailored individual shoot that brings marketing and clinical science together.

A Life Dedicated to the Art of Clinical Photography

Our business partner and one of our founding members, James VanZetta is world-renowned as the best clinical photographer in the Industry.  He’s started multiple clinical studios around the world, and we’re proud to call him a permanent member of our team.

James has devoted his life to developing and improving industry-standard methods for image capture by creating a system in which the only changes impacting a panelist over a given treatment regimen are the time and effect of the product.  With over 16 years of experience working for multinational sponsors, testing labs, and major marketing firms, he has made Clinical Photography his mission. His core competencies provide a custom-tailored, high-end product that cannot be reproduced anywhere in the industry.

Most of the product photography, the model images, and the real estate images you’ll find around our site James has shot, and he’s produced and directed numerous high product demos and had dozens of products launched on QVC/HSN over the years.

We are proud that James calls VCS his home, and we can’t wait to show you how capable he is.

High Resolution, Proprietary Clinical Imaging

Often mimicked but never matched, our technique involves painstaking control and oversight of the clinical environment and study conduct.

Photos are taken from multiple angles inside a temperature and humidity-controlled studio (attached to our Acclimation and Claims/Efficacy Suites).  Variables such as lighting, positioning, ambient environmental factors, panelist location and facial expressions and angles are monitored and controlled throughout the study.  The resulting data output is an extremely detailed and accurate visual representation of how a product affects treatment sites over a period of time without the room for error that exists in traditional before and after imaging.

Final photographs are carefully cropped and can include objective pixel quantification data that allows you to accurately measure treatment parameters such as skin tone, shadow, fine lines and wrinkles, contrast, L*, A*, B* and RGB values.

Canfield VISIA CR and VAESTRO Analysis

Whether the goal is a subjective evaluation, quantitative analysis or both, VISIA-CR delivers an exceptional, standardized image capture.

One of the biggest variables that come into play when using the VISIA system is technician know-how and expertise.  At VCS a lifetime professional clinical photographer runs the system enabling you to get the very best results possible.

Our business partner and one of our founding members, James VanZetta, is arguably the best clinical photographer in the industry.  He has set up multiple clinical studios around the globe, and we’re proud to call him a permanent member of our team.

A wide range of visual claims can be analyzed via the VAESTRO system.  For more information please reach out to our team.

Custom Tailored Photographic Analysis

At VCS the presentation doesn’t stop with just a few pretty pictures.  We can analyze the photographic metadata to measure and quantify the specific change in underlying conditions over time.  If something changes from one time point to the next, we can objectively quantify and measure the change, providing detailed percentage-based results.

3 Full-Time Custom Photography Studios

Our studios have separate temperature and humidity control and are painted with a special neutral grey paint that falls right into the middle of reflectivity and absorption.

Our main studio is designed around capturing high-resolution, full-faced images at a variety of different angles, while our other studios are customizable for testimonials, body shots, hair, hands and feet.

Testimonials and Videography

Aside from the traditional two-dimensional offerings, VCS can also conduct video testimonials and/or collect audio or written feedback.  We can expertly compile the data and help you present it in a manner consistent with industry-leading marketing media packages.

We can shoot product promotional demos, create short 10 second Instagram burst-style adds, or create a full-fledged 30-45 second advertisement for your brand.  Please feel free to contact us for additional details.

Clinically Validated

Before & After Photography

Any Clinical Study can be enhanced with Validated Clinical Photography – because a quality picture is worth way more than a thousand words. Learn how we can help visually support your claims in our Before & After Gallery.

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