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Commitment to Diversity in the Workplace

A Diverse, Experienced Staff Supporting Your Clinical and Claim Support Needs

Validated Claim Support maintains its commitment to ensuring that all of our staff members are treated with respect, and that their individual values are upheld and supported. Our team is stronger because we all have unique experiences and ideals, not because we are all the same.

Actively Embracing and Celebrating Diversity

Our main goal is to ensure that all team members have the ability to share their ideas, offer insight and their points of view, and to be recognized for their contributions to the larger discussion.

Every team member deserves the right to bring their whole self to work, not just the part that is the most “traditional.”

Everybody comes from a different background, and together we are stronger. Together we can learn from one another, and celebrate what makes us all unique.

Diversity, Defined

Diversity at VCS is defined as the collection of stand-alone or unique perspectives, ethnicities, religious affiliation, qualities, life experiences, skills, and talents that individuals bring to the table.

Our team is comprised of over 90% women, and we are committed to recognizing, advancing, and empowering women in the workplace.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and our focus on empowerment aligns with the greater industry’s expectations on diverse customer bases and stakeholders.

Our Commitment to a Modern, Well Rounded Approach to Hiring

At VCS we understand that not everyone has the same exposure or ease of access to traditional higher education. As per GCP standards, we weigh life experience, educational background, references, and professional experience equally when making all of our hiring decisions, and we will not discriminate solely based on any one individual category.

As with the products we test, each member of our team is much more than just the sum of their respective parts and their background.

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