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Hyperpigmentation Studies

Documenting Reduction in Hyperpigmentation or Evenness of Skintone

From Cutting Edge Retinoids to AHA and Vitamin C, Brightening the Skin is a tried and True Method for Reducing the Signs of Aging

Depending on the nature of your product it may “cross-over” into the drug realm simply because of an added ingredient.  While anti-aging and skin tone are most often considered beauty or cosmetic claims, active ingredients can change the positioning of a product very quickly.

Hyperpigmentation & Age Spots

Many factors lead to a prevalence of age spots or different hyperpigmentation related conditions, and some people are more susceptible to them than others.

Environmental variables such as UV and Sun Exposure, dry, cold winters, pollution, and daily routine all play a significant role in how your skin visually ages over time.

If your product or active ingredient can help reduce the appearance of pigmentation in the skin there are a wide range of applications that it can fill.

Skin tone evening claims are highly regarded, and reduction in age spots and minimizing hyperpigmentation can dramatically improve the overall youthful appearance of an individual.

Regulatory Compliance is not Always Black and White

Hyperpigmentation reduction, age spot treatments, and secondary evening of skin tone all help to promote a more youthful appearance, and often times improvements in these conditions are used to further substantiate anti-aging claims.

These claims can be supported across a wide range of Validated Claim Support techniques, including:

  • Before & After Photography
  • Instrumental Evaluations
  • Subjective Questionnaires
  • Expert Grading

VCS recommends a minimum of 2 techniques in the best interest of our sponsors, since each product is different and this approach will give you a better chance of substantiating efficacy.

Sample Hyperpigmentation Claims

  • Helps to Even the Skin Tone
  • Reduces the Appearance of Age Spots
  • Helps Reduce Hyperpigmentation
  • Chloasma/Melasma Treatment

Skin Brightening and Luminosity

While related to Hyperpigmentation, Brightening and Luminosity are generally considered more Cosmetic and less regulated than Hyperpigmentation claims.

To learn more about these types of studies, please visit our Hyperpigmentation Page.

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