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Try the Latest Skincare Products & Help Shape the Industry

At VCS, we pay local residents to test skincare and personal care products to help support product claims. As a VCS Product Tester, you will be able to try the latest skincare products AND get paid to do so!

Interested in becoming a paid product tester? Keep reading!

You can expect get paid up to $200 for a study and sometimes even more.

When you join us for a study, you’ll be directly participating in marketing research that will directly change how products are positioned in the global marketplace.

If you don’t like how products look and feel we want to know!

With your help, we can make future product launches safer for the consumer, ensure more enjoyable user experiences, and we can hold product manufacturers accountable for the claims that they make so that other product users aren’t misled by false advertising or over the top marketing.

Trying new products and getting paid for your time is easy!

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02 / Getting paid to test products is easy

Your opinion matters, and we'll reward you for it.

Your participation will be compensated directly via a reloadable debit card assigned to you at the end of your first completed study. You can even complete multiple studies in a year! Treat this as a normal debit card, and payouts will be completed and the end of each completed study. VCS is always looking for new subjects as well, so please ask us about our current referral bonuses. If you do make more than $600 you will be provided with a 1099 at the end of the tax year.

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Try the latest skincare products & help shape the industry

At VCS, our Recruitment team takes great care to match you up to studies that you qualify for. The first step to becoming an insider is to sign up so our team can chat with you about your prior product experience and determine what studies might be a good fit. When you first visit our site, you'll complete a profile for you that will include an explanation of our Informed Consent process that describes what we do & how and why we will use your information. A trained technician will document different attributes of your facial skin and take photos. This set of photos will be added to our internal database for future reference in consideration of studies based on visible skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation among others. Click the button below to sign up today!

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Next Steps

Absolutely! VCS and the clinical trials we perform are completely legitimate and necessary to ensure that we can help the beauty and personal care industry show that available products are effective.

VCS is an FDA Registered and inspected laboratory, and our clients are household names in Skincare, Personal Care, and Haircare from around the world.

We’ve helped launch dozens of brands on QVC, HSN, and through major multinational retailers like Sephora and Ulta.

A clinical trial gathers data to help support the efficacy claims by gathering a sample population to use the product and participate in procedures such as bioinstrumentation to test the skin for changes in hydration, water loss, elasticity, and color.

A clinical trial can also include before and after photos as well as visual or tactile evaluations.

There are several benefits to participating in a study.

Your participation may contribute to valuable scientific knowledge for products that will be available on the market.

You will have an opportunity to try new products and may see an improvement in the appearance and condition of your skin.

In addition, you are fairly compensated for your time and opinion.

Yes. You will be notified regarding which trials you are qualified to participate in. Participation is always voluntary.

You can’t necessarily hand-pick the studies of your choosing, but you’ll never have to be a part of a study that you’re not interested in.

  • Skincare Claims and Efficacy
  • Home Use Testing on moisturizers, anti-aging products, etc.
  • Hair Claims and Efficacy
  • Consumer Product Testing
  • Before and After Clinical Photography
  • Medical Device testing (Acne Patches, Massage Devices, Teeth Whiteners, etc)

You may be contacted to test a variety of topical products, such as moisturizers, lotions, creams, serums, masks, make-up etc.

VCS is also capable of handling some consumer device studies, ranging from hair regrowth stimulation to personal lubricants and hair removal devices.

We consider the safety of our panelists our number one priority. All products are designed for consumer use and have undergone a regimen of safety testing and irritation testing (where applicable).

Bioinstrumentation is a process of using small non-invasive probes that rest gently on the skin, measuring traits such as hydration and skin firmness. The probes used feel similar to touching your skin with your fingertip.

Upon registration, facial photos will be taken for internal use only. These photos will remain completely confidential, and will never be used for marketing purposes.

There may be a time when one of our sponsor companies would like to review potential volunteers before placing a trial with VCS. In this instance, VCS will share photos but not any other medical or personal data.

VCS will not use your photographs publicly, for advertising purposes, or share them with clients outside of the reasons noted above under any circumstances without your explicit written consent.

VCS also conducts before and after photography for marketing purposes, and you may opt in to be a part of these studies as well, however participation is not mandatory. A study involving before and after photography will require that you sign a release for the images captured during the study. It is always your decision to join these studies, and should you opt out it will not be held against you.  Product Insiders interested in participating in these types of photography studies may receive additional supplemental compensation.

There are a couple of key factors in being able to participate in a photo study.

You must come into the lab with a bare face, no make-up or product on or left over from the day before. If you are found to have anything on your face, you will need to remove, rewash, and reacclimate before completing the photos for that visit.

You must be able to sit quietly and with a neutral expression in a revolving chair while the photographer takes about 5-10 photos per session, each at a different angle. The photographer needs to take photos at the same angle and position every time. They will provide specific verbal instruction to you in order to align yourself each time.

This is solely up to you. If you participate in a trial, you will be expected to report at scheduled timepoints, which will be given to you in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule on a case-by-case basis.

VCS is fully HIPAA compliant and has partnered with The Compliancy Group to ensure we maintain the highest level of protection for our panelists. Our database is maintained through a third-party system, RealTime CTMS. Every staff member at VCS, whether on the clinical staff or admin, has full HIPAA training prior to beginning work.

Any personal and/or medical information that is obtained in relation to your participation in a study will be kept confidential by Validated Claim Support. Our records are uniquely coded to protect your identity. Apart from medical emergencies and adverse events, full HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) privacy measures will be in effect. Your information will only be shared internally on a secure server or with an IRB (Institutional Review Board), and consulting physician as necessary on a given study. Sponsors will not have access to any of your personal information such as your name, medical history, etc.

Additionally, VCS will use the medical information in its database so that VCS may be able to contact you to participate in more studies in the future. Thus, your authorization to VCS to utilize the medical data information you’ve given has no end date. You got the right to have this authorization revoked so long as VCS hasn’t already used or relied on the information you gave for a study. At your written request, VCS will not contact you for future studies.

Only employees who ‘ve signed a confidentiality agreement are allowed to access the database. VCS doesn’t sell the identifying information in the database. Even if you take back your consent to participate in this study the Use of Personal Information authorization will remain in effect. VCS will maintain your information on a secure server and will not disclose it outside of the conditions noted above.

VCS is committed to keeping our Product Insiders, visitors and staff as safe as possible.

Our COVID-19 mitigation measures include:

  • Asking all Product Insiders, and visitors to wear masks while on-site (a mask will be provided if you do not have one)
  • Limiting the number of people on-site at one time
  • Cleaning and sanitizing according to CDC guidelines
  • Temperature screenings of all staff and visitors daily
  • Suspension of certain types of testing
  • Restrictions on the number of people occupying spaces in the lab

VCS puts the health of its panelists and staff in high priority. If you feel sick or have been in contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19 please call us immediately at 201-377-7333.

It is always very exciting when we get referrals from current product insiders, recommending their friends and family! We love growing our community. For every person you recommend and who completes a study, you will receive $25 loaded onto your debit card.

Your most sensitive information is cared for and protected.

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