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Haircare Product Claims

Volumizing, Frizz Control, Dandruff, Shine Improvement, Textural Claim Support, Color Persistence, and Shampoo & Conditioner Efficacy

VCS provides a wide range of customized haircare study designs which can be utilized to help support label claims, boost your product awareness, and differentiate your brand to the discerning modern consumer.

Don’t pull your hair out trying to support your claims – let us know what your goals are and we’ll help you design the perfect clinical study or marketing shoot.


Haircare Product Claims

  • Hair Growth
  • Volumizing and Density Claims
  • Anti-dandruff Claims
  • Hair Colorant/dye Efficacy and Longevity
  • All Day Claims
  • Shine and Luminosity
  • Tensile Strength and Split Ends
  • Frizz Control/Fly Away
  • Softness, Feel, and Tactile Support
  • Bounce

Hair Growth Studies

Hair growth goes hand in hand with youthful, healthy appearance in men and women.

Losing your hair due to aging or secondary underlying conditions can be a major concern for consumers around the world, and treatment products can help to boost confidence and improve the overall appearance of end users.


OTC and Drug Implications

Anytime you are using a word like “growth” that references a physiological change in the body, you can make the fair assumption that the consumer will start to think “drug product” and generally regulatory follows the same assessment parameters.

Custom Hair Salon and Photography Studios Onsite

VCS offers a full service, professional hair salon on site for haircare studies, bridging the gap between take home and professional use products.

We can also bring in our consulting licensed cosmetologists and Board-Certified Dermatologists for expanded grading and assessment criteria.

Hair Volume and Hair Density Improvements

For non-drug claims, VCS can also look at Hair Volume improvement and hair thickening as functional cosmetic claims without going for the full drug claims.

Dandruff Claim Support

Dandruff reduction can be measured in a number of different ways, including expert grading and ASDS Scoring, Subjective Self Perception, and High-Resolution clinical photography.

It is important to note that dandruff dictates an FDA/OTC regulated claim, and that relevant active ingredients must be included in the product to qualify.

There are secondary parameters that are related to Dandruff which don’t necessarily force you down the OTC Claims route, including scalp hydration, dryness, flakiness, and redness reduction.

Please reach out to our team to discuss your specific product needs and walk through some of our options.

Subjective and Cosmetic Hair Claims

Secondary Expert Grading as well as User Perception studies can also be used to document the visible changes in hair parameters such as shine, bounce, and fly away as well.

On top of that, product parameters such as smoothness, silky feel, “all day use,” and comfort can be assessed via Subjective Questionnaires which can dramatically separate a product from its competition.

Visual Claim Support

Our clinical photographer has extensive experience launching haircare products with a keen eye for unique presentations.

We can demonstrate the baseline versus long term effect of a given product at the immediate level, or over a longer period of time depending on the parameters involved.

A Bad Hair Day Can Mean a Bad Week

Demonstrate how your hair color products can last longer and help the consumer achieve more volume, smoother, shinier, and healthier looking hair.

Clinically Validated

Before & After Photography

Any Clinical Study can be enhanced with Validated Clinical Photography – because a quality picture is worth way more than a thousand words. Learn how we can help visually support your claims in our Before & After Gallery.

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