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Hair Growth Studies

FDA Registered Drug Testing Laboratory Supporting Hair Loss Product Claims and Hair Regrowth

Hair growth goes hand in hand with a youthful, healthy appearance in men and women. Losing your hair due to aging or secondary underlying conditions can be a major concern for consumers around the world, and treatment products can help boost confidence and improve the overall appearance of your target consumers.

Anytime you use a word like “growth” that references a physiological change in the body, you can assume that the consumer will start to think “drug product” and generally regulatory follows the same assessment parameters.

Promoting a Youthful, Fuller Head of Hair

As an FDA Registered Clinical Support Laboratory, VCS can employ our full-service hair salon for haircare studies, bridging the gap between take home and professional use products.

We can also bring in one of our consulting Dermatologists for grading and assessments, which will enable you to claim “Dermatologist Tested and Approved.”

For non-drug claims, VCS can also look at Hair Volume improvement and hair thickening as functional cosmetic claims without going for the full drug claims.

Hair Regrowth Claim Support Techniques:

  • Before & After Photography
  • Instrumental Evaluations
  • Subjective Questionnaires
  • Expert Grading

VCS recommends a minimum of 2 techniques in the best interest of our sponsors, since each product is different and this approach will give you a better chance of substantiating efficacy.

Sample Hair Growth Claims

  • Promotes a Fuller Head of Hair
  • Helps Regrow Hair
  • Aids in Follicular Release, Recovery, and Retention
  • Improves Hair Volume by up to XX%
  • Helps Reduce Hair Thinning

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