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Ethically and accurately validating label claims

FDA Registered, and last inspected 24 Aug 2020

Capable of handling cosmetic, skincare, OTC, and medical device claims for the US and international markets

Utilizing a custom GCP, GLP, and GMP quality system

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About Validated Claim Support

VCS includes a team of over 15 members who have pooled their vast experiences in the industry together in order to deliver something that they believe to be both incredibly important and difficult to find: accountability at an affordable price. 

Claims are not just a list of tick marks on a checklist, they are the shining armor and the last line of defense that encases your product as it enters the fray at the global marketing level.   

By properly positioning your product you can boost sales, increase consumer awareness, differentiate your product amongst a swarm of competitors, support your profitability with a robust clinical data suite, and most importantly rest easy at night knowing that your studies were handled in a professional, secure, and trustworthy fashion.

At the core, VCS provides claim support through the analysis of documented and recorded physiological changes to human skin under controlled product use regimen.  We recruit test subjects from the community and pay them for their inconvenience and their time while they use products received from our sponsor clientele.  Analysis is done via technical/trained objective grading, instrumental evaluation, and self-assessed/sensory and tactile responses of human test subjects.  Products tested include OTC sunscreens and SPF components, moisturizers and anti-aging products, makeup and cosmetics, haircare treatment regimen, and a wide range of topical, consumer facing products.

Don’t just state your claims. . . Validate them.

Your trusted partner for claim support:

At VCS we follow any and all applicable external monographs, guidelines or recommendations at the domestic and/or international levels.  We can help position your product at the pinnacle of its respective market based on proven methods, robust protocol, and a safety-first mantra.