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VCS, we pay local residents to test skincare and personal care products to help support product claims. As a VCS Product Tester, you will be able to try the latest skincare products AND get paid to do so! When you join us for a study, you’ll be directly participating in marketing research that will directly change how products are positioned in the global marketplace. You can expect get paid up to $200 for a study and sometimes even more.

With your help, we can make future product launches safer for the consumer, ensure more enjoyable user experiences, and we can hold product manufacturers accountable for the claims that they make so that other product users aren’t misled by false advertising or over the top marketing.


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By participating, you can help generate significant scientific knowledge that will be utilized in the development of market-ready products..



You will be given the chance to experiment with new products and might notice a positive change in the look and health of your skin.


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You are adequately compensated for the time and perspective you provide..

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Getting Paid To Test Products Is Easy

Your participation will be compensated directly via a reloadable debit card assigned to you at the end of your first completed study. You can even complete multiple studies in a year! Treat this as a normal debit card, and payouts will be completed and the end of each completed study. VCS is always looking for new subjects as well, so please ask us about our current referral bonuses. If you do make more than $600 you will be provided with a 1099 at the end of the tax year.

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Validated Cosmetic and Skincare Testing Methods 

At VCS, our Recruitment team takes great care to match you up to studies that you qualify for. The first step to becoming an insider is to sign up so our team can chat with you about your prior product experience and determine what studies might be a good fit. When you first visit our site, you'll complete a profile for you that will include an explanation of our Informed Consent process that describes what we do & how and why we will use your information. A trained technician will document different attributes of your facial skin and take photos. This set of photos will be added to our internal database for future reference in consideration of studies based on visible skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation among others. Click the button below to sign up today!

At VCS, we pay local residents to test skincare and personal care products to help support product claims. As a VCS Product Tester, you can try the latest skincare products AND get paid! • 201-331-9300

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