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Validated Clinical Photography

      Imitation is flattering, but don’t trust your high end products with the competition – don’t settle for anything less than the best clinical photography in the industry. 

      Validated Claim Support offers cutting edge, high-resolution photography to help document product efficacy over a given treatment timeline or product usage cycle.

      We offer imaging using either Canfield Visia CR capture or proprietary Validated Clinical Photography. Both of these methods can include analysis which will demonstrate improvement from baseline for a number of conditions. We have 3 completely customized studios onsite.

VCS Photography Backstory

James VanZetta has devoted his life to developing and improving industry standard methods for image capture by creating a system in which the only changes impacting a panelist over a given treatment regimen are time and effect of the product.  With over 16 years experience working for multinational sponsors, testing labs, and major marketing firms, he has made Clinical Photography his mission. His core competencies provide a custom tailored, high end product that cannot be reproduced anywhere in the industry.

Every single photo you’ll find on our website has been taken by James, from the “real estate style” site shots, through product demos and high end marketing campaigns.

Validated Clinical Photography Description

Photos are taken from multiple angles inside a temperature and humidity-controlled studio (attached to our Acclimation and Claims/Efficacy Suites).  Variables such as lighting, positioning, ambient environmental factors, panelist location and facial expressions and angles are monitored and controlled throughout the study.  The resulting data output is an extremely detailed and accurate visual representation of how a product affects treatment sites over a period of time without the room for error that exists in traditional before and after imaging.

Final photographs are carefully cropped and can include objective pixel quantification data that allows you to accurately measure treatment parameters such as skin tone, shadow, fine lines and wrinkles, contrast, L*, A*, B* and RGB values.

Canfield Visia CR Imaging

Whether the goal is quantitative analysis, subjective evaluation or both, VISIA-CR delivers excellent, standardized image capture.

One of the biggest variables that comes into play when using the Visia system is technician know-how and expertise.  At VCS a lifetime professional clinical photographer runs the system enabling you to get the very best results possible. 

Our business partner and one of our founding members, James VanZetta, is among the best clinical photographers in the industry.  He has set up multiple clinical studios around the globe, and we’re proud to call him a permanent member of our team.

Our business partner and one of our founding members, James VanZetta, is the best clinical photographer in the Industry.  He’s started multiple clinical studios around the world, and we’re proud to call him a permanent member of our team.

Brian Ecclefield

Founder, Validated Claim Support

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