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SPF and UVA Testing

      Validated Claim Support custom developed its SPF testing department based on the current needs of the industry: high volume static and Water Resistant output via equipment and panelist recruitment. 

      VCS maintains a custom developed spa/water resistance lab with 8 individual treatment tubs.  All tubs have been customized with in line continuous heating and water flow parameters traceable to international standards.

*All 8 VCS tubs are single capacity to ensure accuracy and hygiene throughout the testing process

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VCS is compliant with all major international standards including:

  • FDA Static, 40 and 80 min Water Resistant
  • ISO 24442, 24443, 24444
  • Colipa Water Resistant and Very Water Resistant
  • Australia/New Zealand

Custom Protocol are available to test conditions such as:

  • Chlorinated Water
  • Salt Water
  • Sand Resistance
  • Towel/Abrasion Resistance
  • Wet Application

        Onsite SPF and UVA training conducted by Dr. Curt Cole (President, Sun and Skin Consulting) and Solar Light Company, America’s premier manufacturer of Precision Lightsources and the inventor of the first Solar Simulator in 1967.
*please note that the secondary claims noted above may or may not be approved by regulatory bodies throughout the world.  Always consult your legal team when developing your claims.
Solar Simulators are calibrated annually via Solar Light. 
VCS Maintains Multiport and Single port simulators as per client requirements and specifications.


      A method designed to determine the UV degradation/alteration of a given product when applied to the skin.  Phototoxicity presents a serious concern when products are designed to be warn in just about any climate throughout the world.  Pairs immediate irritation testing (24/48 hour patch) with UV exposures. 

      For products that are designed for long term or pediatric use, it is imperative to determine that products don’t break down and cause irritation after continued exposure to the sun or secondary UV radiation.

*Pricing varies based on bulk submissions.

Photo-allergy Maximization:

      A more involved method which effectively pairs continuous application, repeat insult patch testing and multiple UV exposures.  More robust than Phototoxicity and incorporates sensitization/allergenic potential as well as UV exposures. 

*Pricing varies based on bulk submissions.

SPF and UVA protection provide long term, true “anti-aging” benefits that can often be overlooked in basic skincare.  A suncare product can have anti-aging and moisturizing benefits too! 

Ensuring your skin is both hydrated and protected is perhaps one of the most important concepts that consumers can benefit from.

Brian Ecclefield

Founder, Validated Claim Support

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Validated Claim Support

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