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Welcome To Validated Claim Support

Ethically and accurately validating label claims

FDA Registered, and last inspected 24 Aug 2020

Capable of handling cosmetic, skincare, OTC, and medical device claims for the US and international markets

Utilizing a custom GCP, GLP, and GMP quality system

Moisturization and Barrier Claim Testing Information


The crux of a claim support involves an active, healthy community of panelists who are ready and willing to try out your products and provide. 

At VCS we understand how intricate and difficult the process can be, and we utilize a two-fold approach to building out our expansive panelist facing database.  We maintain an extremely robust internal database which is built out via word of mouth, local and social media advertisements, and secondary incentivized sign up bonuses.

We also have relationships with multiple local and national recruitment services who specialize in a wide range different panelist demographics.

VCS has the ability to selectively target different marketing demographics based on your specific needs.  We can service products with particularly tight demographic considerations, including:

  • Sex/Gender
  • Fitzpatrick Skintypes
  • Racial Identification
  • Age
  • Prior Skincare Usage Regimen
  • Product Related Sensitivity
  • Underlying Conditions (Age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, etc).

To learn more about becoming a panelist and trying out new products, please click here: (Links to Become a Panelist Page)

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