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Cosmetic Testing

Cosmetics Claim Testing to Validate Makeup, Longwear, All Day, Color Persistence, and Durability

Instant Improvement in Skin Conditions and Appearance

Claim support doesn’t stop with skincare – Makeup and Cosmetics also have a wide range of claims that can be substantiated and will help you better market your product to the consumer.

While often times the effects of makeup may be more temporary than those of longer skin care regimens, they can also be more dramatic.

Sweat Resistance, Anti-Pollution, Micro-Biome Friendly, Won’t Clog Pores

Demonstrate that your products can endure through various environmental factors such as sweat, water, and the introduction of outside pollutants.

Consumers are interested in their appearance as well as the long term protection of their skin, and by combining these two goals we can help you develop a custom claim support package tailored to your specific brand.

Long Wear, All Day, 8 Hour Claims, Color Persistence

In order to develop long wear claims, users must undergo an extended product treatment either under “normal use” (at home, at work, etc) or in a fully controlled, sequestered laboratory environment.

Both methods provide unique benefits including real world applicability and cost.

Long Wear or “All Day” claims are highly effective for marketing and promoting sales and are highly sought after by the consumer.  They are closely tied to secondary claims such as Color Persistence and Cosmetic Durability.

A variety of different methods can be employed to prove the durability and efficacy of makeup and cosmetic products, and VCS will work with you to develop an effective custom solution.

Related Claims

  • Evens the Skin Tone
  • Promotes a Healthy Complexion
  • All Day Wear
  • Water Resistant
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Lasts all Day
  • Even Coverage
  • Vibrant, Long Lasting Color
  • Transfer, Smudge Resistant

Claim Support Validation Techniques

  • Before & After Photography
  • Biophysical Instrumentation
  • Expert Clinical Grading
  • Subjective Questionnaires/User Trials

VCS recommends a minimum of 2 techniques in the best interest of our sponsors, since each product is different and this approach will give you a better chance of substantiating efficacy.

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