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Make Money as a Skincare Product Tester

Posted on: March 1st, 2022 by Panelist

Validated Claim Support works hard to ensure the products you use every day are safe and effective. We are an FDA registered third party clinical laboratory committed to proving safety and efficacy. If you’ve ever wanted to make extra money, we can help you do that. You can get paid for skincare product testing with us. All the products we are recruiting test subjects for are already proven safe for consumer use. There is no risk to your health by working with us. Read on to learn more. 


As mentioned above, all of our products have already been deemed safe for consumer use. By participating in a product testing, you will be helping prove the efficacy of the product and will contribute to understanding these products better scientifically. You will have the opportunity to try new products before they hit the shelves and may see a marked improvement in your appearance. You will also be fairly compensated for your time and efforts.

Lab Tests 

The types of tests that will be performed are designed to test claims of efficacy. There will be tests designed to see how products affect skin hydration, signs of aging, and may involve before and after photos.



Types of Products

We are recruiting for skin care product testing. That is to say, the products will all be topical solutions such as moisturizers, lotions, creams, serums, masks, make-up and other types of skin care products.




If you are selected to participate in a photo study, you will be asked to come to the lab in no makeup and with no products on your face. You will sit in a chair with a neutral expression while a photographer takes several photos of you at several different angles. Instructions will be given at the time of the photography session to help get the shots necessary.



If you are interested in helping do skincare product testing, contact Validated Claim Support. You will be fairly compensated for your efforts and the products are already known to be safe. Reach Out To Us If You Want to Get Paid to Test Products today!

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