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Clinical Skincare Testing @ In Cosmetics Paris

Posted on: February 1st, 2022 by Brian Ecclefield

Validated Claim Support can help design your next personal care clinical study from concept to completion. Speak directly with our founders and ensure your next set of product claims are tested accurately.

FDA Product Testing

In Cosmetics Global 2022 Booth R111

Clinical Testing Description

Validated Claim Support is a privately held Claim Support Laboratory that was developed to provide ethical and transparent clinical and claim support services. FDA Registered and Inspected in August 2020, VCS has a completely custom-tailored GCP focused Quality Management system. We offer a wide range of clinical services including: Biophysical Instrumentation Safety in Use Clinical/Expert Grading Consumer Perception and Sensory Studies Before and After Clinical Photos Photographic Analysis Don’t just state your claims. . . Validate them!

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