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4 Benefits To Becoming a Validated Claim Support Panelist And Insider

Posted on: January 24th, 2022 by Panelist

The cosmetic industry makes a lot of claims in the eyes of the general public about how their products make people look and feel. When companies make these claims, real people like you have to validate them, ensuring they are true. Validated Claim Support recruits consumer insiders from the New Jersey community and we pay them for their inconvenience and time for using products received from our sponsor clientele. Continue reading and you’ll find four great benefits to becoming a VCS panelist.


Advance Scientific Industry Knowledge

Your participation may contribute to valuable scientific knowledge for products that either are or will be available to consumers. Validated Claim Support provides a novel approach to efficacy testing in the skincare and cosmetic market: ethical data capture, reliable, consistent clinical reporting, and technological innovation are at the vanguard of our organization. With your help, we debunk the science leading to false claims and influence future clinical studies. 


Try New Beneficial Skincare Products

By documenting company claims and researching the effects that products have on the skin, manufacturers ensure that the global consumer is treated with the standard of care that they deserve. In many cases, these products are on shelves or are soon to be, and you benefit from confirming what some consumers already know. The latest products have already been deemed safe for public use and you are tasked with making sure they enjoy them. 


1200x900GMB-3Fair Compensation

Our goal at VCS is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and to go above and beyond your expectations. Aside from comfort and the opportunity to try new products, we offer you compensation for your time and inconvenience. Our recruitment team takes great care to match you with studies that you qualify for and you are eligible to complete multiple studies in a year, so you could get a nice bonus.

1200x900GMB-4Referral Bonuses

There are extra incentives for participants who can successfully sign up other contributors to VCS. It is always very exciting when we get referrals from current product insiders, recommending their friends and family! We love growing our New Jersey area community. For every person you recommend and who completes a study, you will receive $25 loaded onto your debit card. 

Claims are not just random assertions manufacturers toss around, they are the shining armor and the last line of defense that encapsulates products as they enter the fray at the global marketing level. Validating claims is an imperative step for quality brands, and Validated Claim Support makes sure you are rewarded for assisting companies to ensure their products are effective, comfortable, and compliant. Sign up today to participate in our user trials!

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