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4 Types of Products Tested at VCS

Posted on: October 25th, 2021 by Panelist

What Does VCS Test?

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Validated Claim Support in Teaneck, NJ is an FDA inspected and registered 3rd party clinical testing laboratory that offers you a safe environment to support and define your product’s claims. We have an excellent staff with over 115 years of combined clinical testing experience. They will help custom design your claim, support and validate your care and cutting-edge skincare products.

If you want to be a product tester with a safe and transparent laboratory that operates according to the FDA rules and restrictions, then VCS is here for you. We specialize in efficacy product testing, with a deep focus on haircare and skincare niches. Not sure if you fit with us? Learn more about the products we test below:

assortment of hair care and skincare products

Various Cosmetic Products

We offer test and claim validation services for all cosmetic products such as makeup, eyeliners, and other beauty products. In addition, we offer home-based trials for these types of products where product evaluators use the products at home for a specific period, during which we monitor to validate if the manufacturer’s claims are valid.



woman testing out hair care products smiling

Tests Haircare Products

We have hair product claim validation testing for hair care products such as scalp treatment products, hair removal equipment, and hair regrowth stimulation products.

We mainly focus on hair care products like anti-dandruff oils and lubricants and flaky scalp treatment products in this category. Tests are carried out on a monitored home-based trial after taking initial assessments and photographs compared to the end-result images.  



man applying mud face mask for facial

Facial Treatment Products

We also offer to test and claim validation for facial treatment products like moisturizers and anti-ageing products. These home-based trials involve testing the impacts of facial care brands like moisturizers, masks, anti-ageing medication, and micro-needling serums. The tests help validate if the brand has valid claims of its products.  



woman applying hand lotion

Skincare Products

It is essential to ensure that skincare products are safe and healthier. We also got you covered for the skincare product brand because we offer testing and claim validation services for lotions and creams. We offer claim validation for these products in a private and FDA-approved clinic.


Are you looking for an opportunity to make extra cash as a product tester? We make things easier at Validate Claim Support in Teaneck, NJ, as we have excellent product testing opportunities. We offer efficacy product testing, specializing in haircare and skincare products. Contact us now to become a ‘panellist’ product user and tester. We have opportunities ready for you.

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