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Becoming a Panelist (Product Tester) is Easy

Posted on: August 19th, 2021 by Brian Ecclefield

Getting paid to try new skincare products couldn’t be any easier. . . Before any on-site visit to our location, a prospective candidate’s first line of communication will be with our Onboarding Manager. We utilize an easy-to-use self-scheduling service called Calendly, that will let you schedule an appointment right from your phone or computer, to ensure no overbooking and individualized time to speak to VCS Staff.  Shortly after, our team will send you a confirmation text with any necessary information for your first visit, including where we are located, any relevant links and instructions for the day of.


Paid Panelist Recruitment

On the day of your appointment, you’ll come in and be greeted by the front desk. They will give you all the necessary paperwork and be there to field any questions that might arise. We’ll be collecting some basic information, as well as some subjective questions about your hair/skin, and any important medical information.

Once you’re finished with your paperwork, VCS Staff will bring you back to their office to discuss the paperwork in more detail. They will also be taking some photos of your face to evaluate your skin so we can better match you to a study that fits you. If there are any current or upcoming studies that you qualify for, you’ll be informed and given the option to enroll.

After your onboarding appointment you’ll be enrolled in our database, where we will be able to sort by specific features to best suit each study. From there, it’s a waiting game until a study comes up that you qualify for.

While every study is different in terms of length, frequency of visits, and payment upon completion, there are a few things that are consistent for every study. 48 hours before your visit, you will receive an email with an informed consent form attached. The informed consent goes into more specific detail about the study and outlines some questions that ensure you qualify for the study. It’s important to read the informed consent to make sure you don’t waste your time coming in, just to find out you don’t qualify for the study. Don’t worry about printing or signing it, we will have physical copies for you and our Claims & Efficacy department will go into the consent in finer detail. You will also receive text confirmation 24 hours before your appointment to confirm the scheduled time.

Once you consent to the study and everything is checked out, you’ll be guided through the study by our very capable Claims & Efficacy staff. They’ll tell you all you need to know about the study and ensure everything is being conducted safely and efficiently. Each study has a different payout depending on the length and requirements of the study, but you do get paid for your time no matter what, even if you don’t qualify for the study.

From there it’s rinse and repeat, you’ll already be in our database, and you’ll be reached out to about any new study that you qualify for. With our amazing team at VCS, it’ll be the easiest money you’ve ever made!






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